Obama's House of Cards

Introduction President Obama seems anxious to shore up his legacy in several disparate areas: concluding a nuclear deal with Iran; reaching an international climate accord in Paris in December 2015; phasing out fossil fuels for electric generation in favor of wind and solar; and also: shoring up Obamacare before the inevitable cost explosion; irreversibly changing the ethnic and moral make-up of the US; destroying the middle class and making a larger fraction dependent on government hand-outs.  Obviously, many books can be written on these topics and on others, like immigration, race relations, education, gun control, and the generally increasing involvement of the feds in state and local affairs. Here I will comment briefly on the first three topics: Iran, Paris, and Electric power.  All three are controversial, with the public and Congress largely opposed to the White House (WH).  It may take only one veto over-ride to bring down all of Obama’s...(Read Full Article)