How Democrats Created America's Social Caste System

Hundreds of years from now when academics have the objectivity to see what has been going on in the U.S., researchers may see the past two hundred years as the time when the Democrat Party of the U.S. created a politically convenient social caste system. The U.S. was established upon the core belief that all persons are equal. That government should be composed of representatives who come from all levels of society, that there should be no elite political class. Nor should there be any permanent underclass. Historically, nation states have established societies made up of at least three castes. At the bottom, economically and politically speaking, there is the lowest class. In India this has been called the Dalit or untouchable class. They were expected to perform the lowest paid jobs, those that required the least skill and education. The largest class, what we would today call the middle class, is the class that both contains the most persons and performs most of the work...(Read Full Article)