For Sustainable Energy, Choose Nuclear

Many believe that wind and solar energy are essential, when the world “runs out” of non-renewable fossil fuels.  They also believe that wind and solar are unique in providing energy that’s carbon-free, inexhaustible, and essentially without cost.  However, a closer look shows that all three special features are based on illusions and wishful thinking.  Nuclear may be the preferred energy source for the long-range future, but it is being downgraded politically. Fossil fuels, coal, oil, and natural gas, are really solar energy stored up over millions of years of geologic history.  Discovery and exploitation of these fuels has made possible the Industrial Revolution of the past three centuries, with huge advances in the living standard of an exploding global population, and advances in science that have led to the development of sustainable, non-fossil-based sources of energy -- assuring availability of vital energy supplies far into the...(Read Full Article)