Bag This Tax

Normally, I write about matters which have national import, but bear with me as I discuss the Washington, D.C. tax on plastic bags. I chose it because I think it is a perfect illustration of how foolishly government behaves. If one wanted a better example of how elected officials jump at any chance to control behavior using tax laws, rely on unscientific bases for legislation, and then waste the new revenue they get on phony propaganda lying about the effectiveness of their program, they could find no better example than D.C.’s tax on plastic bags. History Like many really dumb ideas, this one started in San Francisco. In 2007, San Francisco banned disposable plastic grocery bags. Washington D.C.’s city council jumped on the bandwagon, imposing a five-cent tax on plastic bags given out by grocery, convenience, and liquor stores. They ignored consumer plaints that these were valuable for toting groceries, were reused in countless ways -- from wrapping garbage to...(Read Full Article)