America's Global Purpose

In a world of trouble, what is America's purpose?  This is not a new question for our nation.  When the American Republic was founded, the great men who created our nation knew that most of the world moaned under the lash of tyrants.  They were not indifferent, but they also grasped that even a large nation on a new continent could not digest all the wretched people of the world.  America was intended to be a model for the world, not a refugee camp.  As one great example, America rejected anti-Semitism – the quotes of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin are utterly unequivocal.  The first Jews elected to general public office were Francis Salvador to the Continental Congress in 1775 and David Emanuel as governor of Georgia in 1800.  Although America did become the refuge for German Jews in the mid-1800s and Russian Jews a few decades later, the model that America presented was that of a tolerant nation that accepted Jews as...(Read Full Article)