A Conversation with Ted Cruz

Just last week President Obama gave a special address via a webcast to the members of the Jewish Federation. His purpose was to try to convince American Jews on the merits of the Iranian nuclear deal. Unfortunately, his statements lacked substance and the questions asked were softball in nature, never addressing any of the concerns. Compare that with the interview that Senator Ted Cruz gave to American Thinker on the dangers of this deal. Even though President Obama said to check the facts, he offered none. He told his mostly Jewish audience that Iran “is antagonistic to the U.S., it is anti-Semitic, it has denied the Holocaust, and has called for the destruction of Israel. It is an unsavory regime.” Yet, he espouses that this deal accomplishes his goal of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb and preserving the U.S. bond with Israel. Willing to ignore Iranian rhetoric, the president is also ignoring the possibility of an existential danger. As...(Read Full Article)