Youths, Dead Babies, PP, and Democrats

My wife Mary's concern was written all over her face. She had just chatted with young women on Facebook about abortion. Mary was taken aback by their support of a mother killing her baby. One girl blew off Mary's links to articles as one person's opinion and right-wing propaganda. The girl cited Leftist stats claiming that years after an abortion, 99% of women are happy that they aborted (killed) their baby. So Leftists expect us to believe that only 1% of women regret killing their baby. More reputable studies say after their abortion, 85% of women suffer sorrow, sadness, guilt, regret, grief, and disappointment.  What my wife found most disturbing was the youtng woman's' obvious indifference towards human life; killing a baby is no big deal. Kill an animal and youth of today view you with contempt; a rotten SOB deserving of death. It is tragic what liberals' domination of public education and entertainment media has done to our kids. Rush...(Read Full Article)