Why I'm Glad I'm Gone from Academe

I have two confessions to make.  First, I was a university professor from the late 1960s to the late 1990s.  Over four-plus decades at the same institution, I went from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor to Full Professor.  I enjoyed my career, most of the time. I took early retirement for personal and professional reasons. Subsequently, I was an adjunct professor at another university where a close family member is also employed.  I retired from that post mostly for personal reasons.  After nearly 40 years of teaching -- I was a high school social studies teacher for two years before pursuing the Ph.D. -- I no longer enjoyed teaching. My second confession is that I’m glad I’m no longer in Academe.  There are several reasons for this. Since my relative is still in the profession, I continue to hear and read about developments in Academe.  I have also read about the history of American higher education, so I believe...(Read Full Article)