Unraveling the Trump Enigma

To the astonishment of everyone except Donald Trump, the pretentious billionaire has singlehandedly commandeered the 2016 presidential election, leading the Republican pack right out of the gates. Trump has managed to instantly alienate if not outright enrage nearly every conservative powerbroker from congress to conservative talk radio. In taking the immediate, commanding lead in the Republican race for the White House, he has nearly every expert scratching their heads in absolute astonishment and disbelief. Literally, no one saw the Donald coming. The question for the moment is: why? The follow-on question is, of course: what next? The "why" question is rather simple and will only further serve to exasperate the Republican leadership in congress. Donald Trump has commanded the early lead specifically because of the Republican majority in Congress. Trump’s supporters are self-defining themselves as disaffected, disillusioned conservatives...(Read Full Article)