Trump and the Fate of the GOP

Last week George Will joined David Harsanyi in pouring oceans of vitriol and contempt on Donald Trump and his supporters. Will's dismissal of Trump and those who cheer him on -- dripping arrogance and anger -- seems to be a spreading habit among conservative commentators.  I concede, though, few if any writers ever reach Will's level of sneering contempt, superiority and condescension. This treatment of the Trump phenomenon, by both Republican Party leaders and many conservative commentators, bodes ill for the Party nominee's chances in 2016. A repeat of the presidential elections of 1912 and 1992 is becoming ever more plausible, whether or not a defeated Trump runs a third party campaign. Will's approach is no way to deal with a political phenomenon that is a direct outgrowth of deep and intense issue disaffection by voters who are among the Republican Party's most dependable. In a two-party -- hence coalition-dependent -- democracy, it's a basic...(Read Full Article)