The New James Baldwin Speaks: White People Suck

The New James Baldwin is breaking it down for NPR: TNJB had a really, really, really tough childhood. Violence to and from school. During class. Even on the way to grandmother’s house. Nonstop. All at the hands of black people in Baltimore. TNJB even figured out why it happened: White people suck. Today, the New York Times says reading TNJB is “essential, like water or air.” One review could not quite capture his total brilliance, so the Gray Lady did another: “Brilliant.” The New Yorker says his work is “extraordinary.” The President of the United States is a big fan, and seeks his counsel in private audiences in the Oval Office.          TNJB has honed his message for 20 years and never deviates from it: White people suck. And as for all the white people victimized by black on white crime then and now? Wildly out of proportion?  Including cops. Especially cops? So much so...(Read Full Article)