The Invaders: A Parable

Pulling into our driveway after a relaxing month-long cruise, my wife Mary yelled, "What the...?"  Mexican flags, old cars, discarded beer cans, and trash were all over our property. I recruited my Spanish-speaking neighbor.  He yelled over the blaring Mexican music expressing my outrage to the group's leader.  The leader told me to go "f" myself.  He said they have a right to a better life. The invaders had an insane tangle of extension cords plugged into my electrical outlets.  Sinking into the mud of my once beautiful lawn, I called the police.  Sheriff Bob showed up to inform me that the mayor had decreed ours a sanctuary community.  He also conveyed the mayor's zero tolerance for my hateful, racist attitude. Code enforcement cited me for various violations.  I was ordered to clean up my property, add bathroom facilities, and upgrade my electrical power to accommodate the daily influx of new...(Read Full Article)