The 'Differences' between Democrats and Socialists

What does it mean that when twice asked to distinguish between socialists and Democrats, Florida representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairwoman of the Democrat National Committee, could not or would not answer? Although Wasserman Schultz is not the brightest bulb in the House of Representatives, her inability or unwillingness to specify the differences between Democrats and socialists speaks volumes about the contemporary Democrat Party. Socialists advocate many propositions, but most espouse all (or most) of the following: First, they are collectivists, bloviating about classes, groups, etc., seldom about individuals. Second, they are extreme egalitarians. Third, they are devoted to big government. Fourth, they favor government ownership (or at least control) of the economy’s basic industries. Fifth, they seek to establish cradle-to-grave welfare systems, so that as many people as possible are dependent on government. There is no need to reiterate...(Read Full Article)