Taking Cuba Personally

A good friend just called to say that I “seem emotional” about the U.S. recognition of Castro’s Cuba on Friday. And am I okay? Well, no. Friday’s flag-raising was personal for me because, being 61, I remember the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Especially the latter, when my parents and I and thousands of other Catholics stood in line for confession that weekend because, well, we thought we just might be about to die. As Mr. Obama might say, “that was before I was born.” So, to our 44th President, it’s just not relevant. It is to me. This American president just recognized the same Communist dictator who, in 1962, allowed the Soviet Union to station nuclear-tipped missiles 90 miles off the American coast. This American president also just repudiated a solemn promise of his martyred Democratic predecessor, John F. Kennedy. Before he was assassinated by a pro-Castro, Communist American defector named Lee...(Read Full Article)