Progressives and Free Markets

Progressivism mutated when Woodrow Wilson came along.  Originally Progressives, a purely American community, were devoutly religious and strongly opposed to the concentration of power in the hands of a few rapacious individuals and organizations.  The weak federal government of the time was to be strengthened to a limited degree so as to provide a sufficient counterbalance to this concentration.  That was Teddy Roosevelt’s brand of progressivism.  Wilsonian progressivism was the antithesis of the original religious and individualist progressive movement.  Under Wilson, secular progressivism adopted the new idea of technocracy.  Technocracy is the notion that centralized experts (i.e., technocrats) are better able to make economic decisions than the people on the spot.  Grabbing power became the obsession of the new progressivism. Technocracy quickly spread internationally, blended with Marxism, and further mutated into various toxic...(Read Full Article)