Jumpin' Jehosaphat! Jump in, Joe!

It’s the latest political soap-opera cliffhanger, and we may have to wait even longer with bated breath and chewed-down fingernails to find out whether Joe Biden will jump into the race for the presidency.  Things must really be looking bad for Old Hill, if older Joe is now being viewed not simply as a possible game-changer, but as a serious challenger. Nobody is really surprised at the possibility.  Nor are we fooled by Biden’s pretentious conflict about entering the 2016 race, any more than we were when he insisted to reporters back in the run-up to the 2008 election campaign that Obama had not picked him as his running mate.  “You’ve got the wrong guy,” he told the press then.  But considering that Joe Biden has for almost all his adult life been about as “inside the beltway” as a politician can get, whatever pronouncements come from his leering mouth count for nothing. Sometimes, in fact, they count for less than...(Read Full Article)