Haven't We Seen the Trump Saga Before?

Let me see if I’ve got his straight: There’s a man who is a pure product of the City of New York, one of the great urban cesspools of our time, a borderline third-world metropolis run as a combination nanny state and dictatorship. He is the epitome of all that is hated about that city: he is brash, loud, boastful, vulgar, insincere, and only as honest as he has to be. Furthermore, he has few of the city’s virtues. Where the typical New Yorker is hot-blooded, he is cold, where generous, he is close-handed, where magnanimous, he is vicious. You could look long and hard for a more impressive illustration as to why NYC is feared and hated, and you would find little or nothing. He is also a product of the city’s political culture. He has spent the past forty years soul-kissing the Democratic establishment, taking advantage of a crippled, corrupt city government to line his own pockets. He has been awarded hundreds of millions in contracts while slipping back...(Read Full Article)