Donald Trump and His Enemies

Within about a 48-hour span this week, Donald Trump was compared to Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin, and a hardcore pornographer – in addition to being characterized as "vulgar," "squalid," and "counterfeit." Those comments didn't come from Democrats.  Most came from conservative and Republican-leaning journalists. Writing in the conservative American Spectator, Ross Kaminsky says that Trump's plan to deport illegal aliens is "shameful" and makes a not so thinly veiled comparison of Trump to Hitler: His plan to require businesses to 'hire American workers first' has the stench of xenophobia backed up by the fist of government. Perhaps as a Jew I'm overly sensitive, but when I hear Trump speak I can't help but think of 'Germany for the Germans.' Really?  Alexander Hamilton also advocated protectionist policies to favor Americans.  Was he an 18th-century Hitler?  And if it is...(Read Full Article)