Boys Will Be Boys...or Girls, or Whatever

Our society is under attack, not from Russia or radical Islam, but from heterophobes. Okay, I made the term up...sort of.  But if a homophobe is a  person who fears or hates homosexuals, then what else can we call gays who hate straights?  Yep, surprise, there are not-so-nice people on both sides.  I know, I'm an unforgivable homophobic creep for pointing this out, but since the rest of the country seems to be in some sort of trance, I feel obliged.  Gays say they just want to have normal lives.  But for the LGBT movement, this is patently false.  They've come out of the closet, and good for them.  But they didn't stop there; they have taken over American's living rooms, kitchens, and yes, even bedrooms.  And now that they're in possession, they want to shove heterosexuals, especially Christians, back into that closet they just vacated.   LGBT's hate campaign fired an opening salvo back in June 2012,...(Read Full Article)