Boys Will Be Boys...or Girls, or Whatever

Our society is under attack, not from Russia or radical Islam, but from heterophobes.

Okay, I made the term up...sort of.  But if a homophobe is a  person who fears or hates homosexuals, then what else can we call gays who hate straights?  Yep, surprise, there are not-so-nice people on both sides.  I know, I'm an unforgivable homophobic creep for pointing this out, but since the rest of the country seems to be in some sort of trance, I feel obliged. 

Gays say they just want to have normal lives.  But for the LGBT movement, this is patently false.  They've come out of the closet, and good for them.  But they didn't stop there; they have taken over American's living rooms, kitchens, and yes, even bedrooms.  And now that they're in possession, they want to shove heterosexuals, especially Christians, back into that closet they just vacated.  

LGBT's hate campaign fired an opening salvo back in June 2012, when the Chick-fil-A CEO was revealed as a Christian against same-sex marriage.  Gasp!  That couldn't stand.  You let one guy start spouting his opinion, and soon the whole country will think they can do it. 

The LGBT activists immediately set out to destroy Chick-fil-A.  They didn't hit the airwaves to disagree or to argue their rights.  Nope, they brought out the big guns, set out to demolish an entire company and destroy its founder.  They called for national protests and boycotts of the chain.  Used their groupthink outlets to demean Chick-fil-A, insult the CEO's religion, and demand that the country join them to put an end to this homophobic company.  Not a thought to the thousands who would lose jobs, to the revenue this business generates, just attacks.

But on that count, LGBT picked the wrong fight.  No one comes between Americans and their Chick-fil-A nuggets.  Governor Huckabee called for a "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day," and the company had a record-setting turnout. 

Not deterred, LGBT continued their fight for exceptional treatment.  They won their Supreme Court case to marry anytime, anywhere, to anyone of either sex.  Though the decision wasn't even loosely based on the Constitution and actually rewrote law, they saw it as a win. 

But that wasn't enough, not near enough.  For years we were told homosexuals didn't pick that lifestyle, that they were born gay.  But that changed with LGBT's campaign.  Not only did they change their meme to gay as a lifestyle choice, but they began actively recruiting. 

Parents began to hear whispers of LGBT indoctrination in their schools.  Their children come home talking about books along the lines of "I Have Two Mommies" being taught as a normal path.  Parents are afraid to oppose these teachings because gay is sanctioned, and straight is not.  In fact, gay is supreme in this culture. 

But where's the fair?  There's no textbook for "Daddy Bought Mommy" for the children whose fathers have mail-order brides.  No books of "I Have Half a Mommy" for children of single parents even though those kids really are a large percentage of the schools.  Around 26% of children under the age of 21 are in single-parent homes.  Where's the effort to make these children feel included?

Perhaps the heterophobe's most chilling demand is for schools to provide transgender counseling.  This is paired with courts deciding that a child can change his or her sex if desired, without parents' permission.  This is a dangerous move not to just destroy gender, but to remove the offending body parts and replace with another model.

But the schools are just one piece of the heterophobes war on straight.  They're now working 24/7 to eliminate any identifying tags for heterosexuals.  They notified stores that it's not fair to use labels "boys" or "girls."  Though I don't even see how they can make that argument.  Does a gay parent get confused in the boy's bedding or toys?  Are they somehow restricted from buying a Frozen comforter for their little boy or a rapid-fire laser pistol for their girl?  No, I've cross-shopped many times.

Yet Amazon immediately folded like a cheap tent and removed the offensive terms from their filters.  Then Target jumped in and got those nasty tags off their signs.  I'm left as an increasingly frustrated customer to wonder why.  Their new policies will definitely make it harder for me to shop their sites and stores.  I'll have to now wade through all their toys to find gifts for my daughters or sons.

Again, why?  These decisions weren't for their customer base or because they thought it was a smart marketing move.  Of the less than 3% gay population, only a quarter of those have children.  So we're talking less than 1% of shoppers controlling the marketing choices for the other 99%.

This is not about shopping.  It's about a group of people who want to strip our children of their sexual identity.  They don't want little boys to take pride in being a boy; they want them to be ashamed of it.  They don't want little girls to feel pretty or play mommy.  They want these kids to be "gender neutral."

Let's unpack that phrase.  Per Webster, gender is "either the male or female division of a species" – pretty straightforward.  Neutral is "of no particular kind, characteristics."  The two definitions cancel each other out.  Yet we're led to believe that "gender neutral" is  desirable.  The glaring truth is, it's impossible. 

Heterophobes hate straight.  Some examples of their war on straight are more transparent than others.  Same-sex engaged couples seek out Christians or others to bake their wedding cake, take pictures, or provide flowers.  They're doing it not because they want to be surrounded by people who want to share their joy at their blissful event.  No, they accost those who might turn them down, then file lawsuits to get rich and satisfy their lust for revenge. 

Except there's no end to hatred, no win that will end their quest.  You can't sate hate.  So those of you who applaud these heterophobic victories, take a moment and ask yourself when enough will be enough.  When your son can't play football because it's too macho?  When your daughter can't take ballet because its associated with girls?  When will the LGBT be satisfied that no straight child will be secure in his or her sexuality?

As for me, I can avoid Amazon and Target for now.  Eventually all retail will probably jump on the bandwagon.  That's an old Soviet propaganda technique by the way: the bandwagon, where people are convinced they're joining the majority, want to be part of the crowd.  Twitter, Facebook, and mainstream media successfully use this technique on a daily basis.  Whether its LGBT, Black Lives Matter, or other activist disruptions, their cause is presented as having universal support, their success inevitable, therefore desirable. 

But Americans had better wake up and smell the cappuccino.  We need to examine a group's motives before we sanction their actions.  Parents need to ask what kind of future they want for their children: a beige existence lived out in shame and low self-esteem or a vibrant life full of passion and pride for who they are, whether gay or straight, black or white, boy or girl. 

LGBT's ongoing fight is not about a minority who didn't get a fair shake; it's about a majority being emasculated.  Don't apologize for your child's gender; embrace it.  Every child is a gift entrusted to parents and society.  Don't squander that gift just to fit in with the cause du jour.  Encourage your children to be the best they can be and protect them – not just from accidents or pedophiles, but from a misguided society.

Don't sacrifice your kids on the heterophobe's altar.  They deserve better.  We all do.  

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