Biased Media vs. Behavioral Standards

I love her because she is a little over a hundred pounds, 5'2”, a gutsy fireball.  However, every time we fly, I pray she makes it through TSA without losing her cool. My wife Mary despises the gross infringement upon her rights and being “molested by the TSA.” Mark Steyn, hosting Rush's radio show, succinctly articulated the source of my wife's outrage. Your grandmother in the wheelchair has to lift up her skirt and show her colostomy bag to the TSA until the end of time. Your grandfather, who got blown up serving his country in a war and has a leg brace, has to be degraded and show that to officialdom at the airport until the end of time. But millions and millions of people can just walk into the selfsame country across the southern border, and we're supposed to just accept it. Meanwhile, the GOP, the MSM, and political experts continue to scratch their heads, puzzled why Donald Trump's poll numbers rise every time he...(Read Full Article)