Will Nuclear Panic Trigger Political Backlash?

Obama has given Iran the bomb, and the Saudis and Egyptians are out shopping for their own, to keep the balance of power between traditional religious enemies.  If ISIS holds territory and establishes another radical state, it could buy nukes from North Korea or steal them from Pakistan. Today, the nuclear horse is out of the barn, and nobody will ever put it back. Everything Obama does seems designed to bring about the worst case of terrorists with nukes.  This week’s perverse “deal with Iran” is just a fig leaf for suckers, because Iran is on an irreversible path to a full nuclear and ICBM capacity.  The breakout time is now estimated at three months.  It’s a done deal. Obama’s glorious agreement is a shoddy charade, and the surest proof is that Vladimir Putin loves it.  Anything that harms America and the West looks good in his eyes. The struggle against terrorists with nukes was lost six years ago when Obama got...(Read Full Article)