Will Nuclear Panic Trigger Political Backlash?

Obama has given Iran the bomb, and the Saudis and Egyptians are out shopping for their own, to keep the balance of power between traditional religious enemies.  If ISIS holds territory and establishes another radical state, it could buy nukes from North Korea or steal them from Pakistan.

Today, the nuclear horse is out of the barn, and nobody will ever put it back.

Everything Obama does seems designed to bring about the worst case of terrorists with nukes.  This week’s perverse “deal with Iran” is just a fig leaf for suckers, because Iran is on an irreversible path to a full nuclear and ICBM capacity.  The breakout time is now estimated at three months.  It’s a done deal.

Obama’s glorious agreement is a shoddy charade, and the surest proof is that Vladimir Putin loves it.  Anything that harms America and the West looks good in his eyes.

The struggle against terrorists with nukes was lost six years ago when Obama got in.  We now know that Valerie Jarrett, with her Iranian-Communist background, started back-channel talks with the mullahs at the very beginning.  The fix has been in for six years, and now we get an Obama cover story to make him look good.  It will change nothing.

Which brings the United States right back to 1949, when Stalin exploded his first atomic bomb – built with Manhattan Project secrets smuggled by U.S. Communist Party members and agents like Klaus Fuchs.

In liberal mythology, Senator Joe McCarthy was a hateful mob leader who persecuted the innocent and loving left, the people who mean so well.  Ask any liberal, and you’ll hear that story.  McCarthy was evil, and the Stalinist CPUSA was innocent.  The New York Times still pumps out worshipful obits whenever another old Stalinist dies.

There is another side to the story.  Americans believed McCarthy because he exposed clear and present dangers, not paranoid fantasies.  Congressional hearings showed Soviet penetration of the government, the media, Hollywood, the universities, and the schools.  Atom bomb secrets were stolen by Party members deluded enough to believe that the Soviets deserved their own world-destroying weapons.

Today you can hear the identical liberal arguments for the fanatics of Iran.  “It’s only fair” for Ayatollah Khamenei to have his own nukes.  That line of argument was unbelievably idiotic then, just as it is today.

As Einstein said, “two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity.” The brainwashed left is a good example.

Cold War history is now repeating like a bad neurotic tic.  We see daily headlines of massive national security leaks, enormous breaches of security at the very highest levels, penetration by ruthless and lying enemies, an administration full of dubious loyalties, coordinated disinformation in the media, constant scapegoating of innocent people, and yes, high-level penetration at the top of the Democratic Party.

Whenever Hillary does a photo op with Huma Abedin, Muslim radicals in the Middle East are convinced that America has already surrendered.  Millions of hidden dollars will then flow to the Hillary campaign.  That’s why they do those photo ops.

It’s 1949 again.

The main difference from the Red Scare is the left-Islamofascist alliance today.  But even Obama’s loyalty to Islam echoes the Hitler-Stalin Pact.  Les extrèmes se touchent encore.

Americans don’t love war.  We hate it.  GIs returning from World War 2 wanted to live in peace and prosperity.  They had lost good friends and loved ones, and many suffered from years of physical and emotional trauma.  When Allied victory over Hitler and Japan only revealed another enemy named Stalin, ordinary Americans were ready to kick over the political apple cart.  Stalin’s nuclear explosions triggered a popular revolt in the United States.  People were scared and angry, and they were right.

Anti-communists like McCarthy were elected to purge the rot.  When human beings are driven to overwhelming fear and rage, the fallout can hurt innocent people.  But today’s PC purges are just as deadly, and far more common than the McCarthy purges.

Our liberal media are little more than lynch mobs.  They can’t tolerate dissent – the mark of a totalitarian mind.

In its heart of hearts, the left fears the return of McCarthy.

If the American people sense how dangerous Obama is, it could happen.

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