What Hath Obama Wrought?

Just before the 2008 presidential election,  Barack Hussein Obama, who by then knew the election’s eventual outcome, told a campaign rally “[w]e’re five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America!”  Once he was inaugurated, Obama set out to keep that promise. He still has about 18 months left to be POTUS, and there are indications that in his final days Obama will try to make even more fundamental changes to America. Obama, however, has been president for six-and-one-half years, long enough to warrant at least a preliminary assessment of his impact on the country.  Hint:  it isn’t good. Obama promised to be “a transformational president,” like Ronald Reagan and not Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton.  He’s been that, but for the worse. Let’s first assess America’s national security and prestige abroad.  Begin with his cancellation of placing U.S. missiles in...(Read Full Article)