Abortionism and the Banality of Evil

Hannah Arendt, who made a study of totalitarianism after the Second World War, which was defined by her after the Eichmann Trial in 1963, described what she saw in this totalitarianism as “The Banality of Evil.”  This Nazi evil – like all other totalitarian evil, which she examined – was the dull, bland ordinariness found in the bureaucratic nature of Hell.     The history of that awful crime includes cramming people into cattle cars, driving pitiful and lost souls into gas chambers, and then extracting from the dead bodies anything useful.  Gold was pulled from dental fillings.  Shaved hair was used to make socks.  Bodies were rendered for fat, which was used to make soap.  As we watch Planned Parenthood leaders casually explain over wine and salad the market price for babies’ livers and lungs and hearts, that phrase that Arendt coined seems stunningly apt.  How casually these administrators of...(Read Full Article)