Redefining Virtue in the Bizarro World Order

In 1958, writer Alvin Schwartz introduced a character named “Bizarro” to jazz up the Superman comic franchise. “I was striving, you might say,” Schwartz noted, “for that mirror-image, that opposite. And out of a machine which would reveal the negative Superman, came the mirror image.” By his very nature, Bizarro did everything the exact opposite of the way a rational person would. On at least one occasion he explained why, “Me unhappy! Me don't belong in world of living people! Me don't know difference between right and wrong -- good and evil!” If there is a difference between Bizarro and the preening progressives of the Obama era, it is largely in self-awareness -- advantage Bizarro. The world has been spinning in Bizarro’s direction from about the time he was introduced. Since the election of Barack Obama in 2008, that spin has been dizzying. Resident "Duck Dynasty" philosopher Phil Robertson got it right...(Read Full Article)