PP: Pondering Profits

Planned Parenthood’s (PP) latest scandal, following the ones about protecting child molesters and accepting money earmarked for aborting only Black babies, is based on PP’s baby chop shop operation where medical waste -- PP’s term for aborted babies bodies -- is magically turned into valuable human tissue.

A key defense being used by PP is that they don’t “profit” from the sales of baby hearts.

Like most liberal arguments this is a bit of sophistry that hinges on a legalistic interpretation of the word “profit”.

Because PP is a non-profit -- which is why they don’t pay taxes -- it can’t technically ever make a profit. Hence when PP is paid money for baby parts they can say it’s not a profit, even if it’s more than the direct cost of “harvesting” the baby livers because that money is then supposedly used to provide free services – i.e. abortions -- to poor women, preferably Black women, based on abortion statistics.

Most people think someone makes a profit when they get more out of some activity than they put in. That means one can profit without making a profit.

For example we all know of at least one televangelist who is living a lavish lifestyle from the donations he receives. Yet his ministry never generates a profit.

How is that possible? The answer is really simple -- money a non-profit makes can’t be turned over to shareholders or owners as a profit but it can be given to employees as higher wages or better benefits.

For example if PP charges $1500 for a late-term abortion we can presume that that price is based on what it costs PP to perform an abortion.  But if they can bring in another several hundred dollars for a few minutes of extra work by the abortionist and a nurse who collects the “parts” they can pay abortionists and PP management more money.

Without a penny of profit being made, PP abortionists can walk away with the down payment they need for their next Lamborghini.

The average pay for an abortionist is very high and PP executives make big bucks too; the PP president made over $500K in 2013. In fact, doctors are attracted to the abortion business because it’s so lucrative. And because pro-aborts are protecting abortionists from the scrutiny imposed on other doctors, malpractice suits are uncommon.

That’s why PP’s claim to not be making a profit from selling baby brains is irrelevant. PP employees directly benefit from the extra cash flowing into PP because PP delicately dissects unborn babies while they’re alive and sells their organs, and that’s obscene.

It’s important to realize that the best “parts” come from late-term abortions where the unborn can definitely feel pain. When the PP abortionists talk about a “less crunchy” killing of the unborn they’re talking about torturing a living human being in order to increase PP’s cash flow.

When it was revealed that China was harvesting organs from political prisoners without using anesthetic, sane people were horrified. Yet PP does the exact same thing on people who haven’t even had a chance to protest the government, and we hear silence.

It’s amazingly odd that we live in a society that correctly condemns Mengele and China for brutally torturing people but finds it offensive that anyone is bothered about the torture for profit deaths of the unborn.

Furthermore, this harvesting of babies is a highly racist practice. Blacks are 1.5 times more likely to have late-term abortions than whites. Hence since late-term abortions provide the highest value baby hearts it’s likely that a disproportionally large portion of the unborn babies tortured to death are Black.

What’s really bizarre is that while liberals will condemn televangelists who make money by getting people to freely donate their money, those same liberals have no problem with PP employees living large from money made dissecting living unborn babies for parts.

We shouldn’t be shocked that PP is working hard to monetize what they used to just throw in the trash. After all, if they think killing babies is a fine way to make a living, why would they be upset about recycling baby brains? Liberals are green, after all.

But PP’s argument fails even if we look at it using their assumptions. To date, PP has accumulated $1,4 billion in assets and in 2013 it took in $127,000,000 more than its services cost. To the average non-liberal American, that’s $127,000,000 of profits.

No matter how PP tries to spin it, the reality is simple; PP brings in more money by running a baby chop shop and decent people should make that stop.

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