PP: Pondering Profits

Planned Parenthood’s (PP) latest scandal, following the ones about protecting child molesters and accepting money earmarked for aborting only Black babies, is based on PP’s baby chop shop operation where medical waste -- PP’s term for aborted babies bodies -- is magically turned into valuable human tissue. A key defense being used by PP is that they don’t “profit” from the sales of baby hearts. Like most liberal arguments this is a bit of sophistry that hinges on a legalistic interpretation of the word “profit”. Because PP is a non-profit -- which is why they don’t pay taxes -- it can’t technically ever make a profit. Hence when PP is paid money for baby parts they can say it’s not a profit, even if it’s more than the direct cost of “harvesting” the baby livers because that money is then supposedly used to provide free services – i.e. abortions -- to poor women, preferably Black women,...(Read Full Article)