Momma Would Have Been Outraged

I confess. I rolled my eyes a bit upon hearing a prominent conservative scolding conservatives for responding in anger to SCOTUS' unlawful and dictatorial cramming of same-sex marriage down America's throat. I say praise God. Finally Christians are waking up; expressing righteous anger and outrage over Leftists aggressively targeting and economically slaughtering Christians. In no way am I advocating hate or irresponsible behavior. God commands Christians to act in love. But for crying out loud, love does not mean allowing evil to overtake our homeland. Decades of Christian passivity has allowed the Left (evil) to “own” the minds of millennials. An alarming stat says 70% of kids raised in church move to the dark side due to Leftists' domination of public education and mainstream media. Years ago, I stumbled across a video of an elementary school celebrating its fourth annual Gay and Lesbian Pride Day. In the video, during a staff meeting, a...(Read Full Article)