Momma Would Have Been Outraged

I confess. I rolled my eyes a bit upon hearing a prominent conservative scolding conservatives for responding in anger to SCOTUS' unlawful and dictatorial cramming of same-sex marriage down America's throat.

I say praise God. Finally Christians are waking up; expressing righteous anger and outrage over Leftists aggressively targeting and economically slaughtering Christians.

In no way am I advocating hate or irresponsible behavior. God commands Christians to act in love. But for crying out loud, love does not mean allowing evil to overtake our homeland. Decades of Christian passivity has allowed the Left (evil) to “own” the minds of millennials. An alarming stat says 70% of kids raised in church move to the dark side due to Leftists' domination of public education and mainstream media.

Years ago, I stumbled across a video of an elementary school celebrating its fourth annual Gay and Lesbian Pride Day. In the video, during a staff meeting, a concerned teacher questioned their right to teach kids to embrace homosexuality against the religious beliefs of their parents. Another teacher responded saying it is their responsibility to teach kids the “healthy” view of homosexuality.

Most shocking was the school actually encouraging kids to be “open-minded” to trying homosexuality. One little boy in the video who grasped what they were taught said... it's like new vegetables. You don't know if you like it until you try it. I posted the video link expecting a firestorm of outraged parents. I heard nothing.

My late momma would have been rightfully and righteously angry, and at my school principal's office in a heartbeat. “Are you people crazy? How dare you take it upon yourselves to teach my nine-months to embrace this sin!” Whenever mom was in protective mode of one of her kids, she would say, “Don't mess with my nine-months!”

The Left insidiously sold homosexuality, a sexual behavior, to millennials packaged as a civil right. Black civil rights pioneers are outraged that homosexual activists are equating black's struggle for equal rights with their desire to marry. Leftists brilliantly copied black civil rights movement terminology, branding the refusal to embrace their sexual behavior as discrimination and bigotry. How many other behaviors will be awarded civil rights status?

Youths have also been duped into believing the lie that 30% (almost a third) of the country is homosexual. The CDC reports them at around 2%. Youths tend to be idealistic and fair. It is understandable that they would conclude that if a third of the population is gay, it’s only fair to grant them the civil right to marry.

The undeniable truth is the whole same-sex marriage thing is really about poking a finger in the eye of Christianity which is centered around Jesus. Domestic partner rights are available to homosexuals. So homosexuals getting married has little to do with financial issues or hospital visitation rights.

Leftists have a problem with Jesus; not with Muhammad, Islam or other religions. Some say Leftists hate Christianity because they are repulsed by moral standards. However, Islam suppresses women and Islamists execute homosexuals and non-believers

And yet, Leftists defend Muslims to the hilt while attacking Christians at every turn. While Leftists do hate moral standards, their hatred for Christians is deeper, rooted in their disdain for Jesus; a spirit of anti-Christ.

Why do Leftists only target Christian businesses to be forced to service homosexual weddings while ignoring Muslim businesses?

Why are Leftists calling for the Bible to be banned for “hate-speech” while honoring the Quran which calls for the killing of infidels

Why do public schools teach Gay Pride while banning prayer and Bibles

Ask yourself, why is the Left outraged when a Christian pastor suggests that a heterosexual couple living together get married? They argue that marriage is just a piece of paper and quote the bogus stat that 50% of marriages end in divorce and so on. And yet, these same anti-heterosexual-marriage zealots think it is wonderful when homosexuals marry. The answer is the Lefts' real objective is to bring down Christianity which equals Jesus.

SCOTUS (five lawyers) furthered the Lefts' cause by, in essence, making the homosexual rainbow symbol a mark of the beast. Any business not displaying it over its doorway will be forced to close, its owners punished and even imprisoned. Think I am exaggerating? Christian chapel owners were threatened with jail time for refusing to marry homosexuals. 

Activist George Takei (Mr. Sulu on "Star Trek") said, "We're not done yet.” 

Justice Scalia said SCOTUS' decision is “a threat to American democracy” thatt robs citizens of “the freedom to govern themselves.” 

Justice Alito said the decision will be “exploited by those who are determined to stamp out every vestige of dissent.” 

The Left will not rest until Christians are terrified to express no other public opinion of homosexuality other than it is loving, wholesome and good – forcing Christians to bow in worship of the Left's false god, betraying the Bible and dethroning Jesus. This is their end game.

And yet, both sides caution Conservatives/Christians to respond with timidity; manipulated by the Left's claim that pushing back against their agenda from Obama's fundamental transformation to teaching our kids that tasting homosexuality is like tasting broccoli for the first time – is hate speech, intolerant and unchristian. Ridiculous.

“The only thing needed for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

My fellow Conservatives/Christians, it is time to do something.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee