Jewish Cognitive Infirmity

Many of my Christian friends are baffled by what they see as Jewish political ineptitude. How is it, they ask, that the Jews, admired as talented practitioners in so many fields, seem quite – they recoil at using the word -- “stupid” when it comes to defending Israel? My Christian friends are baffled by the ineffectual Jewish response to rhetorical attacks on the world’s only Jewish state. Instead of pointing out how unfair, untrue, out of context, and hypocritical these criticisms -- and those who make them -- are, many Jews act as though these attacks are nothing but legitimate criticisms, and then try to respond as though to reasonable objections to some aspect of Israeli behavior. “How dumb can they be,” ask my Christian friends. Why is it not relatively easy to point out that this is a campaign of falsehood aimed at Jews? “Criticism” of Israel appears almost daily in the mainstream press and college classrooms. Most of it does...(Read Full Article)