Greece and its Jewish Problem

Greece is the historical land of myths that have influenced literature and life. No myth is more compelling than the series of heroic tasks performed by Hercules. Of these, the most enticing is his obtaining the golden apples of Hesperides. The challenge for Greece today and the general political and financial world is whether the country has a modern-day Hercules, the new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who can keep for it the golden apples lent to it in substantial amounts. The old adage is true. If you owe the bank $500 you are in trouble. If you owe the bank $5 million, the bank is in trouble. The golden apples that Greece has taken amount to a debt that is 180% of its GDP. The European Union and the international banking world know they might not reclaim even a bite of those apples. Greece owes colossal amounts of money, estimated to be about $330 billion. About 60% is owed to the nations of the Eurozone, mostly Germany (56 billion euros), France (42 billion...(Read Full Article)