Don't Make Donald Mad

MAD (Mutally Assured Destruction) is a U.S. doctrine of reciprocal deterrence.  That means the U.S. and Soviet Union can blow each other off the map, a prodigious deterrent for both.  It’s also how Donald Trump campaigns.  In the “pre-Trumped” era, the group I’ll refer to as “the cabal” (GOP establishment [GOPe], media, and Democrats) lobbed nukes at conservatives at will with no fear of retaliation.  This cabal routinely embarks on scorched-earth campaigns against conservatives to destroy any opposition.  There’s never any fear of significant damage to their own troops, because they are bullies who prey on the weak, unarmed, and poorly matched.  But then Donald Trump came on the scene – a guy who dropped the knife and brought a gun to a gunfight.  It’s hilarious to watch the cabal go down time after time, to see them hesitate to attack the Donald because they risk getting their own...(Read Full Article)