China's Uyghur Problem

China has a problem with its Western Xingjiang province. The population is about 60% Muslim, has a history of on-and-off independence,  speaks a Turkic language unrelated to Chinese, and is separatist. They are violently resisting China's centrally planned migration of Han Chinese into the region, whom they see as colonial invaders to be expelled. The present overall population of Xingjiang is about 46% Uyghur, 6½% Kazakh, and 4½% Hui, all Muslims. The Uyghur and Kazakh speak Turkic languages, and both have considerable European DNA. In the 1930s, sections of Xingjiang became independent, calling themselves the Islamic Republic of East Turkestan. While today the Han Chinese are presently 40% of Xingjiang's population, many are recent arrivals, despised by the locals who know full well that Beijing is sending in these Han Chinese in order to garrison the area. The Han are not indigenous. A low-grade guerrilla war has ensued. The Uyghurs --...(Read Full Article)