America's Trump Card Trumping the Left

Catching bits of the news, my wife asked, “Did Donald Trump say something against Mexicans?”  I replied, “No, Trump simply dared to state statistical facts exposing the high criminal element among the illegals flooding across our border.” I've read horrific articles about the torture, rape and murder of Mexican women and children during their illegal journey to America, not to mention the gang members and other bad people invading our homeland.  The probability of getting raped is so high crossing the border illegally that women take birth control. And yet Trump was not supposed to alert the American people.  The left immediately went into attack and destroy mode, trying to brand Trump a hater of Mexicans. The left had a cow when Trump stated the truth because welcoming illegals, regardless of their caliber, is how the left restocks the Democratic Party with new uneducated and unskilled future voters who will be dependent on...(Read Full Article)