America's Radical 'Foremost Intellectual'

Readers of this website may not realize it, but America’s foremost public intellectual, especially on matters of race, is a fellow named Ta-Nehisi Coates, who for the mainstream media and liberal elites is the go-to guy. If you’ve never heard of him, don’t worry, you don’t matter.  Coates is a canny writer and blogger at the Atlantic magazine and the author of two widely praised books. Like President Obama’s books, one is a coming-of-age memoir, the other an “I’ve made it memoir -- but still got a lot to complain about.”  He’s also written two influential articles on race. Generally, with the exception of an ugly internet spat, Coates has been feted on the left, with the Washington Post’s Carlos Lozada reporting the elite media have bestowed the foremost intellectual title, though Lozada has a few carefully nuanced caveats.  If you are thinking that as America’s top intellectual...(Read Full Article)