A New Syndrome: Anything But Islam

The disease affecting many on the political Left in America, the A.B.I.S. (Anything But Islam Syndrome), is one of the most baffling illnesses to hit our shores in centuries. From President Obama claiming that Islamists who call themselves “Islamic State” and commit terrorist acts in the name of Islam is “not Islamic” to Hollywood limousine liberals like Ben Affleck losing control and blasting talk show host and fellow Left winger, Bill Maher, calling him “ugly, gross and racist” for stating that radical Islamists kill people, the disease is impossible to understand. Examples of liberals defending jihadist behavior are far too numerous to detail. From elected officials to entertainers to grandmas and college students on social media, they can be found by the millions singing a similar tune, defending people who are beheading, dropping off buildings, burning, drowning, burying alive, and worse (if they can think of worse) in the name of service to...(Read Full Article)