What is wrong with Democrats?

They elected Obama -- twice!  And will nominate Hillary Clinton.  But that is just a smidgen (as Barack Obama might say) of what is wrong with Democrats. The question of what motivates Democrats and what their values are has bedeviled me for years, since I have friends and family who are Democrats.  If the government was not so big and controlling it would be less of an issue, but I find decisions I would make overruled by Democrats in power.  My family and I end up paying for their mistakes on top of our own.  We work hard, save as much as we can, invest in the future, and find out we have the ever-grasping government as partners who can render our efforts useless.  Regulations and the overseers who impose them on us add to my misery, as do tax forms that are needlessly complicated and filled with loopholes that the rich can afford to exploit.  I find the fruits of our labor are harvested and enjoyed by others. I see the Constitution trampled...(Read Full Article)