Trans isn't Just for You

Take the case of Dennis Avner. Avner was known popularly as “Stalking Cat.” Per the website, he had undergone “extensive cosmetic surgery to adopt the likeness of his totem animal, the tiger, in accordance with Huron traditions. His body modifications included a split lip, labret-based whisker-holding implants, dental surgery, and silicone injections. He was also extensively tattooed.” Avner didn’t alter his gender; just his species. Or, well, he transmigrated to become a spiritual tiger. Nonetheless, Dennis Avner, of Huron ancestry and once a U.S. Navy sonar technician, was no longer the man he was born. He changed himself physically to express what was deeply in him: a tiger. Why would anyone dismiss Avner’s expression of deepest self as preposterous? Why would anyone label Avner as eccentric? Or, pejoratively, a “head case?” Why would his “tigerness” as manifested not just be accommodated, but...(Read Full Article)