The Only Privilege in America is Liberal Privilege

The usual suspects talk a lot about privilege in America: white privilege or male privilege. It makes for a good catchphrase for their community organizers and social justice warriors. They can accuse anyone of anything they like, because male or white privilege. Yay! But everybody else in America knows that you'd better watch what you say, in public or in private. Say the wrong thing, and you could lose your job, unless you are a liberal. We have had a couple of examples in the last couple of weeks. Nobel Prize Laureate Sir Tim Hunt made an injudicious remark about women in science, and was forced to resign his remaining honorary positions.  Gone in a couple of days, in Britain as in America. At least Sir Tim lost his jobs over nothing. Larry Summers lost his job at Harvard for daring to tell truth to power about the science on women in science. Over at liberal SF publisher Tor Books, the Associate Publisher and Creative Director Irene Gallo made comments about...(Read Full Article)