The Day I RAN from Left to Right

Any ‘right-minded’ person would consider me far-left of center. This is certain. In fact, of all my left-leaning friends I am perhaps the one that most defends the political establishment, is amongst the most active and outspoken and arguably, argumentative. I have supported left-leaning and liberal NGOs for a good portion of my adult life both financially, when possible, and with quiet leadership and pro-bono professional advisement. I believe in supporting causes that cause movement for people to attain greater political freedoms, enhanced human dignity, security and protection of minority rights, credible access to economic equality, education, and housing. As regards the Israel Palestine conflict I have always supported a two-state solution despite my extreme opposition to Islamic violence and sharia law. I have questioned the lack of elections in the Palestinian Authority for over 6 years now. Yet, while my positions and the way in which I live my life are...(Read Full Article)