The Day I RAN from Left to Right

Any ‘right-minded’ person would consider me far-left of center. This is certain. In fact, of all my left-leaning friends I am perhaps the one that most defends the political establishment, is amongst the most active and outspoken and arguably, argumentative. I have supported left-leaning and liberal NGOs for a good portion of my adult life both financially, when possible, and with quiet leadership and pro-bono professional advisement.

I believe in supporting causes that cause movement for people to attain greater political freedoms, enhanced human dignity, security and protection of minority rights, credible access to economic equality, education, and housing.

As regards the Israel Palestine conflict I have always supported a two-state solution despite my extreme opposition to Islamic violence and sharia law. I have questioned the lack of elections in the Palestinian Authority for over 6 years now.

Yet, while my positions and the way in which I live my life are aligned with liberal principles recently I ran from their unwavering dogma as regards the breaking Israel news of the Western capitulation and acquiescence to Iran’s pursuit of nuclear energy, enriched uranium, and weaponized missile technology.

This threat is real and palpable.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has never been my candidate of choice for the role, has continued to speak out against the deal as not only a dangerous threat to Israel, but to the world. On security, I trust the man. He has access to information I cannot begin to imagine. One thing we have learned in the most egregious and gruesome of ways: when someone says they want to kill the Jews -- believe him or her. They mean it.

I have not abandoned my liberal outlooks and perspectives, my support for causes and organizations, my hope that people and governments can be more tolerant -- even appreciative -- of each other. But as I ran the other day--from left to right--a gruesome nightmare appeared before my eyes -- the rainbow streaks and lines before my eyes became blurred, my breath short and labored, my brow perspired, my legs slow and tired, my mind awake, aware, and very, very scared.  

In years past I have supported Greenpeace and The Sierra Club, gay rights (I am heterosexual) and supported local agriculture efforts worldwide. I have been vegetarian for more than 12 years to stem animal cruelty and industrial farming practices. I supported the efforts worldwide against the arms race and for cures for cancer and AIDS while a senior in high school. I believe anyone should be able to marry and anyone should be able share their sexual persuasion openly and worship the God or deity of their choice.

But Iran encourages murder. Genocide, actually.

Iran openly and excitedly calls the destruction of the Jewish people as “non-negotiable”.  Ayatollahs--grand leaders of Iran’s despotic theocracy -- opine that it is not only their intention to commit genocide but their right and obligation; for all Iranians. How is this tolerated?

Could any Israeli politician echo such statements about any Arab or Muslim state?

See, I learned about the Holocaust when I was younger. From a very tender, young age. Not just in school but from my grandparents. Of four grandparents, three were survivors. All of them spoke about their experiences. One got out of Europe prior and returned to fight them on the battlefields of Europe and North Africa. My mind, young and adult could never fathom such: the painstaking effort, the hate, the resources, the horror, the not fighting back. All of it.

And, yet in one tiny atomic reaction multiplied exponentially it can all happen again.

The same people steadfast against nuclear proliferation who stood side by side with me in high school now have no problem aiding and abetting and capitulating to Iran. We all thought with North Korea this would work. Can we say: epic fail?

And I also have my own fault lines. So I ran. I know what is next: after a “deal” with Iran the political push will begin to require Israel to allow IAEA inspectors.

If Iran is “complying,” Israel must.

On these points my leftist-liberal family members (beside two!), friends, circles, professional organizations and alliances, and essentially every single person I know is: silent.

The silence we said would “Never Again” occur.

The silence we said was appalling: “How could they?!”

The silence we said was: “Institutionalized. Political. Anti-Semitic. Economic. Strategic!”

And I will not be silent. So I ran from left to right; on this matter.

I have traded a barrage of calls and emails with my two right-of-center family members.

I have run to speak with and connect with organizations who will not capitulate to this horror.

Because when I said “Never Again!” all these years: I meant it.

I cannot sit idly by while my leftist-liberal cohorts and friends passively and flaccidly acquiesce to an agenda that threatens my existence, to a reality that could make the ovens of Auschwitz and Birkenau look like tinder for a Sunday BBQ.  

The only question now is whether the the Israel Defense Forces will initiate what could become an Israel-Iran War: larger, wider, more dangerous and deadly conflict than Israel and the world has seen in half a century. A much larger world involvement due to “alliances and interests” fills me with fear: for the safety of Jews in Israel, the safety of Jews worldwide.

I stand by my support for liberal causes, my liberal views, my liberal outlook on life in my personal “daled amos”, in business, in politics, in the United States, in Israel.

I will not and cannot stand with the liberal establishment in their promotion of a vile, vicious, suicidal enemy seeking my annihilation.

It’s like combining the Japanese Kamikazes with Hitler’s Jewish Obsession with Kim Jong Un’s nuclear arsenal.

It doesn’t make sense.

But my sprint does.

The day I ran I recall feeling a consciousness of intent and purpose I have not felt in ages.

Today, as we mourn and remember Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, as we continue the rampant repetition of that famous slogan I will be a voice from that void, 

“Never Again” also means:

“Not Now!”