So Now I Am Responsible for the Charleston Shooting

I had no intention of commenting on the recent shooting at a Charleston, South Carolina church.  There were two good reasons why.  One was that I have always found it unseemly to exploit a genuine tragedy, especially before the bodies are buried and the event gains some historical perspective. The second was that the act was so anomalous.  In the highly racialized Obama era, there have been several black shooters who turned their wrath on multiple non-black victims – California’s Christopher Dorner, the Navy Yard’s Aaron Alexis, Omar Thornton in Hartford – but I could recall no instance in my lifetime in which a white shooter had done the same to black victims.  I was not sure what useful generalization I could pull from so rare a phenomenon. Alas, the Huffington Post, in the person of veteran propagandist Terry Krepel, forced my hand.  In an article published Monday, “Did Right-Wing Media Influence Dylann Roof,”...(Read Full Article)