Recovering from Obama: Foreign Policy

It’s difficult to single out the worst aspect of President Obama’s tenure, but certainly his foreign policy is somewhere in the top five. Obama’s approach to foreign relations may be the worst since that of Thomas Jefferson, and is considerably worse than the previous modern champion, Jimmy Carter, who at least grasped some vague notion that things were wrong and made a few gestures at addressing them (along the lines of the Moscow Olympic boycott). Obama has made no such effort, and we can be certain he will make none. He leaves the U.S. in greater danger than at any point since the height of the Cold War. It’s pointless to debate the reasons behind this. Speculation can be separated into two schools. The first that Obama is simply too ignorant and ill-informed to grasp the subtleties of foreign policy to any degree, and is merely following the liberal worldview on a kind of paint-by-numbers level -- college-boy pacifism, anti-Americanism, “noble...(Read Full Article)