Physician Competency, But What About Politicians?

Physician competency is coming under increasing scrutiny. All medical specialties require maintenance of certification by their various specialty boards as a means of demonstrating competency and life long learning. The American Medical Association is taking this issue further, using age as a factor in deciding when doctors need to hang up their white coats. The AMA argues that physicians have no mandatory retirement age, but similar to other professions that do, such as pilots or military officers, physician mistakes can be deadly. One in four physicians is older than 65 years, with this figure increasing as people are living longer and healthier, physicians included. Should such age scrutiny extend beyond doctors? How about Congress? In the House of Representatives, Democrats average 60 years of age compared to 55 years for Republicans. The Senate is even older, with Democrats averaging 63 years of age compared to 61 years for Republicans. So much for Republicans being the...(Read Full Article)