Obama and the Black Intellectualoids

Barack Obama owes his position to his membership in a class that is destroying America: the intellectualoids -- shallow people able to fool others into believing they possess superior intellects. In his 2007 book, A Bound Man: Why We Are Excited About Barack Obama and Why He Can’t Win, Shelby Steele did an excellent job of explaining how and why such a small man might have been on his way to making such big history. Although Mr. Steele’s final assessment of what the outcome was going to be was incorrect, he nevertheless coined two important cultural terms -- Challengers and Bargainers -- that were polite enough to be used in a benign sort of way when categorizing the two main types of officiating blacks that have defiled our civic square. According to the Challenger-Bargainer theory, Barack Obama was one of the most attractive, articulate, and “bookish” Bargainers that America had come across since the Civil Rights movement, ergo his successful...(Read Full Article)