Hillary, Lord Acton, and Willie Sutton

By most accounts, there should be no nexus between the spaces occupied by Lord Acton, and Willie Sutton. It was Lord Acton, 19th century English Catholic historian and statesman whose quarrel with Anglican Archbishop Mandell Creighton prompted Acton’s famous axiom: “ Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Willie Sutton, 20th century legendary American bank robber whose appetite for vacuuming bank vaults, cashiers’ drawers, and jewelry cases, provoked lifelong unrepentant recidivism, when asked why he robbed banks, quipped: “ Because that’s where the money is.” With gymnastics perhaps unmatched by any political duo in U.S. history, Hillary Clinton, along with nominal husband former president Bill, consort of convenience, have straddled Lord Acton’s wrath and Willie Sutton’s passion. Lord Acton’s observation about power and corruption derived from his conviction that historians...(Read Full Article)