Francis is not the Left's Pope

Apart from the recent misquote regarding Mahmoud Abbas (Pope Francis encouraged Abbas to “become an angel of mercy;” he did not say that Abbas ‘is an angel of mercy’), the silence from the Left has been pretty deafening in regard to Pope Francis lately. Perhaps the Left has finally realized that Pope Francis is not the progressive they hoped he was, and that apart from encouraging dialogue he is not going to be changing Catholic Doctrine after all. On March 7 Breitbart noted the shift in the Left’s attitude with an article by Thomas Williams titled, “New York Times Ends Two-Year Love Affair with Pope Francis.” Williams was commenting on an article in the NY Times by Elisabetta Povoledo criticizing the Vatican for not doing more to put women in positions of authority in the Church -- an expectation that the Left itself had actually created.  In fact everything Pope Francis has said regarding marriage, family, divorce,...(Read Full Article)