Fracking: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet!

It was only a couple of months ago that articles were being written about the demise of fracking, mainly by those skeptical of or even opposed to fracking – or written by people on the payroll of enemies of America’s energy renaissance.  We were told that fracking was polluting water supplies – nay, setting tap water on fire! – and, anyway, that fracking was doomed because Saudi Arabia was ramping up production, forcing the price of oil to plummet, and driving American fracking companies out of business. But recent news has been devastating for the anti-fracking posse. Start with the release of the long-awaited report on fracking from the EPA.  Anti-fracking hysterics expected the EPA to report that fracking is environmentally calamitous.  But the EPA admitted that it found no evidence whatsoever that fracking has had any “widespread, systematic impact on drinking water resources in the United States.”  This was no offhand...(Read Full Article)