Forget the Confederate Flag...Ban Democrats

In any sane culture, the reaction to the recent massacre at the Charleston Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church would have been a racially and ethnically unified demand to try, convict, and swiftly execute the monster who perpetrated the evil attack.  But we don’t live in a sane culture.  So instead, we are chasing a 150-year-old battle flag from the 1860s, pretending that by abolishing it from public sight, we are striking some kind of historic blow for racial healing.  What foolishness. To make things worse, the liberal politicians and media elites promoting this meaningless distraction as some kind of substantive objective are doing so not because they are truly interested in providing a lasting peace to those who have suffered loss in this South Carolina bloodbath.  No, they are despicably consumed with advancing their political agenda. Less than a week after the slaughter, the national Democratic Party was shamelessly trying to raise funds...(Read Full Article)